Blue Ox Healthcare Partners is a value added private investment firm that has invested in and supported the building and growth of many businesses. The firm seeks to invest in commercial growth stage healthcare companies in the middle market.

The team’s edge is derived from our wide array of investment and operational experience. The firm is managed by a team of investment professionals and industry and company leaders with accomplished track records with public and private companies. Possessing a unique combination of investment and operating skills, we are uniquely equipped to providing our investors and portfolio companies with sustainable added value and attractive financial returns for their investments.

In addition to providing the necessary capital, the firm takes a hands-on approach to building valuable businesses. We believe that direct involvement is integral to success: helping build management teams, active board participation, influencing strategic direction and exit strategies.

Our key investment criteria include:

Sound business models

Business model must take advantage of barriers to entry, have health y margins and point to clear, measurable paths for successful execution.
Superior product or service

Product or service must simplify and improve the user experience. It must be unique, proprietary and clearly better than other competitive offerings in the marketplace.
Large markets for product or service

Market for the product or service of a company must be large enough to allow for the development of a profitable enterprise.
Multiple exit

Companies should be an attractive acquisition to several identifiable buyers.